Why we Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

by theduckbuck

We celebrate Valentine’s Day every year on 14 in February. February is also known as the month of romance and Love. Because it’s not just one day but a week to shower our Love.

Not just the youngsters but also couples who have been together for a long time show their Love this month. The entire environment gets changed into the loves spreading environments. Just like as we say, “Love in the air.”

During Valentine’s month, we have 15 days wherein we share chocolates, flowers, Love, and rest of the things which can describe Love for our partner.

But have you ever thought that Why we celebrate Valentine’s day? Why is only the month of February chosen as Valentine’s month? How did 14th February consider Valentine’s day?

Many such questions are going in your mind right now. And therefore, In this blog, I will try to help you out with all your question’s answer.

The Valentine’s day we celebrate today was started with an old story from the Roman Empire.

So let’s get a search into the story mode:

During the period 270 CE, the time was of the Roman empire, and the Emperor was Claudius ll Gothicus. He head image of the cruel Emperor during those times. The people of the Kingdom were not so happy with their Emperor. The one reason for unhappiness was the rule which the Emperor forced to implement. And the law was that nobody could have a marriage. The logic behind this rule was When the Emperor surveyed in his Kingdom. He came across that the ones who are married are less stronger than the unmarried one. That shows if the Emperor wants to build a strong army, he must stop the marriage system in his Kingdom.

But this logic was nowhere satisfying the people of the kingdoms. And thus, the name Saint Valentine came across. He was a saint of the Kingdom, who felt this logic and rule wrong. He believed that a married person who has Love with him could be stronger than the unmarried person. Therefore, he went against the law of the Emperor and practiced marriage system for many of the Kingdom’s people.

When Emperor Claudius II gets to know about this thing, he gave the punishment of hanging to the death to Saint Valentine.

When Saint Valentine was in jail spending his days, the Jailer told him about his daughter’s blindness. He asked Jailer to bring his daughter to him, and he will heal the blindness of his daughter.

When the Jailer brought his daughter in jail, Saint Valentine touched her eyes, and she got the new way to live a life because she got her vision back for the rest of her life. There at the moment. The Daughter of the Jailer and Sait Valentine felt in Love with each other.

After that day, The Love of Valentine’s always used to come and meet him daily. And Valentine uses to spread all the Love he had, with her and with others to keep the Love alive in humans.

As the days passed, finally, the day arose when Saint Valentine was going to hang. He wrote a letter to his Love with his name on it “From your Valentine.” The date of the day was the 14th of February. Thus, this day is celebrated as the Loveday to keep his faith alive after his martyred.

There are many other Stories related to the same thing. But in the end, this is what believed even today.

How many days we have in Valentine’s Week?:

We have a total of 15 days, which are said to be as a valentine’s week. But the days after 14th February are also known as Anti Valentine Days.

Valentine’s week starts from the 7th of February to 21st February.

7th February – Rose Day
8th February – Propose Day
9th February – Chocolate Day
10th February – Teddy Day
11th February – Promise Day
12th February – Hug Day
13th February – Kiss Day

14th February – Valentine’s Day

15th February – Slap Day
16th February – Kick Day
17th February – Perfume Day
18th February – Flirting Day
19th February – Confession Day
20th February – Missing Day
21st February – Break up Day

Usually, the days from 7th February to 14th February celebrated among all the Teenage lovers and those who have love life for a long time. Not just with their loved ones and the partners, but also with their family members who are very close and love them a lot.

During these days, people show their Love in the form of gifts and cards.

This is the story behind Valentine’s Day, why, and how people celebrate it. I hope it was helpful reading for you.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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