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Have you ever thought about How many intakes of sugar you do? What are the consequences of it? And What if you stop consuming sugar for a month? And if you block the intake of sugar, then what can replace sugar?


Then in this blog, I will help you to get all the answers to these questions. We have the Top 10 reasons Why you should stop consuming the sugar.

1. More addictive than drugs.

It is proved by the experiment that sugar is more addictive than cocaine. When the experiment was conducted on mice, 94% of mice chosen to consume sugar than cocaine. 

2. Bye to acne problem

Well, consuming sugar leads to an increase in the level of insulin in your body. And thus, insulin leads to inflammation, which helps you to have acne on your face. So if you want to get rid of the acne problem and rest other skin problems, you should avoid consuming sugar. Once your skin gets the natural look, you would feel younger after the ages too. 

3. Lesser Bad Cholesterol

Intake of a lot of sugar can increase the level of bad cholesterol, which can affect severe heart disease problems. In short, it can ruin your internal body system. So it is better to decrease the level of sugar up to zero.

4. Makes you feel good

Studies say that the one who has no or significantly less sugar intake is at low risk of feeling depressed. Intake of sugar leads to having a different mood swing every now and then. So when you stop taking sugar, your mind and internal body organs start working efficiently, and you feel stable and in a good mood every time. Yes, it is not an easy task to stay away from all the chocolate and doughnuts and muffins, but at the end of the day, health is much more important than any other thing.

5. Fewer chances of many diseases

The increase of insulin in the body leads to many severe health conditions for a lifetime, such as Diabetics, Alzheimer’s and, even Cancer. Because as the number of insulin increases in your body stops working efficiently and all the focus of it goes on to decrease the level of insulin that is produced. And does it pressurized to your pancreas and heart? So it is imperative to cut down the sugar from your daily list of diet. 

6. Sharpen your eyesight

The lessor or no intake of sugar, helps you to get sharp and bright vision. When the level of insulin goes fluctuating in the body, it damages the eyes’ vessels and decreases the blood supply of eyes, and the eyes get affected. So to get the bright and better eyesight.

You know what to do, right!

7. Weight loss

The most important effect of eating a lot of sugar is seen in your weight. When your body keeps on producing more and more insulin, your brain gets signal that your stomach is still empty, and you need to gulp something. As a result, you start eating every now and then. And thus you can have an excessive weight gain. A little is ok, but if it is absurd, it is not suitable for your health. And therefore, if you want your help to be maintained, try to minimize the sugar level you take.

8. Your breath can be fresher

When you intake sugar and give you problems like cavity and bleeding gums, it also triggers the bacterias present in your mouth. And within no time, your breath gets stinky. So while talking or having a personal moment with someone, it can badly affect your relations with them. So if you want your breath to be fresher and smell nice, make sure you have no sugar, especially when you are going on meeting with them.

9. Increases your Brain Power

It is said that while sitting for studies, you should have chocolates to remember the things you are learning. But, this works only for a short term period. Consuming more amount of sugar affects your memory power. And slowly, you start forgetting things. As I said earlier, eating sugar triggers your hunger hormones, so every time you are thinking about eating, how can you raise your brain? How can you be able to nourish it the way it should be. Therefore it is very much essential to decrease the sugar level how to increase your brainpower. 

10. Balances your sleep

Till yet, we got so many reasons for Why you should stop the intake of sugar. But along with all those reasons, this is one of the most important reasons to quit sugar intake. Eating sugar most gives you energy for the entire day, and you don’t feel sleepy. That affects your sleep and your health. If you decrease the level of sugar, you will have a proper schedule for your day, and thus, you would have a peaceful sleep daily.

So these were Top 10 reasons Why you should stop consuming sugar.

Now here the question arises: if we stop the intake of sugar, what can be replaced with sugar?

Many things can replace sugar, such as Jaggery, Dates, and Stevia ( a low-calorie sugar ), and many other things. 

I hope it was meaningful for you to read this blog.

Thank You so much for reading so far

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