What if you don’t sleep for a Week?

by theduckbuck

Sleep is the only work that is very interesting to do anytime. Sleeping is as important as the rising of the sun in the day and the moon at night. Many times the question arises that what will happen if I stop sleeping? I would probably get some more time to learn new skills, do a bit more work in life, have a 24 hours schedule plan, and so many more things.

But have you ever thought about the consequences of not sleeping for a week?

In this blog, we will learn about the Consequences of Not Sleeping for a Week or More.

Day 1

If we don’t sleep for a day, then at the start of the day, we start feeling happy, and we enjoy all the small things going around us. We get ourselves into a zone where we feel all stupids jokes funny for no reason. And till the time the day ends, we start falling asleep. Our eyes have no control to stay on. And we start feeling tired and avoid all the things except pillow.

Day 2

However, even if you get yourself alert and not to sleep. Then, you can successfully enter the 2nd day where you start forgetting little things. Your body gives you a hint that you should sleep now. You face looking dull; the all high power energy goes off from your body. You become physically weak. And your body stops working on the immune system to give you the strength to stay awake. And thus, you can open the doors for infection and chronic diseases. Also, you can face some rashes because your immune system gets weak leading nausea.

Day 3

If you still try yourself harder and after the third day without sleeping, you can imagine the hallucination. You can see all the unexpected things which were supposed to see in your dreams. But as you are avoiding to sleep for 3 days, your train will start showing you all those things with your open eyes. Tell this time your body will stop functioning efficiently. And you won’t be able to communicate with anyone normally. So it will be an excellent decision not to drive these three days.

Now the question arises, If it is so difficult to stay awake for our physical and mental health, then how many days a person can survive without sleeping?

Till today, the hours recorded are 264 hours, which is approximately 11 days.

The period between 11 days is when your body starts feeling more week; your body organs stop working. Your brain is not able to generate the signals to give to your different organs. You start feeling depressed and angry. The instant mood swings take place during these days. And till the end, your body completely stops working, leading to death.

All things occur because when we fall asleep, our brain starts working.

When we sleep, our brain cleans out all the unwanted things, the toxic byproducts from our mind, which we have inputted in a self during a day. It starts producing and restoring the energy to walk with the same efficiency the next day. When you fall asleep, your eyeballs stop moving; your muscles get relaxed, your body gets a lot of time to generate the immune system. And most importantly, your brain gets more time to generate the signals and supply them to other parts of the organs.

In short, sleeping makes your body work more efficiently, and it helps you to enhance your physical as well as mental strength.

So it is essential to have a sleep of maximum 8 hours to get rid of all the mental and physical problems.

How to fall asleep quickly?

  • To fall asleep quickly, the essential thing to be done is to stay away from the bright lights before an hour you sleep.
  • Finish your meal 3 hours before you sleep. And after finishing your dinner, don’t get yourself in any 2 am snacks.
  • Keep yourself away from digital products such as TV, your cell phone, and laptop at least 1 hour before.
  • Get 20 minutes meditation before you fall asleep, it can help you with the Sharp brain and beautiful skin texture. Also, it can boost your mental health and spiritual health.
  • Use soft pillows to get asleep; it will help you not get any pain after you wake up.

Alright, so these were the consequences of not falling asleep for a week. And some ways to fall asleep quickly.

I hope it was interesting and useful for you to read this.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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