What if the earth stops spinning!

by theduckbuck

You all might have wondered about so many things like, what if all vehicles stop working one day? Or what if we go back to the ancient world? Similarly, I have wondered about What if the earth stops spinning?

Hello Readers! Today we are going to discuss what if the earth stops spinning. What will be the consequences on the planet if it happens so?

We have seen many movies that have future predictions, so will this prediction help me to make a good script for a film? Ummm… Well, let’s get started with the imagination and some researches. According to the researchers, future predictions of what will happen if the earth stops rotating?

Change in climate:

When the earth stops rotating, there will be a drastic change in weather. The one hemisphere would become extremely hot, and the other will become extremely cold, which will be unbearable for any living organism to survive in.

When the earth stops rotating, the one side of the planet will be facing towards the sun, and the other will be facing the opposite direction; therefore, there will be only two seasons.

Objects will start flying:

At present, we know that the speed of the earth is 1,000 miles per hour. But when it stops rotating that time, the gravity of the earth will stop acting on the things. And as a result, everything will start floating in the air in speed and that speed would be 1,670 km per hour, which can affect the earth’s crust severely.

Natural disasters will take place:

The massive Kinetic Force of earth and its momentum we shake the planet to its core, and it would trigger disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunami, etc.

Just like any movie scene where the entire land gets submerged under the water by Tsunami.

The disappearance of magnetic wave:

As we know that various magnetic fields protect the Earth. These fields are present due to the Earth’s rotation. If rotation stops, there will be no protective layer on earth, and the result will be worse for the living life on the earth.

Maybe the humans, if left on the earth after such a situation then, have to wear a proper suit which will give them protection from such harmful rays.

Change in the shape of Earth:

The way of the Earth today is because of its spinning motion. If the planet stops rotating, the way of the earth will become more spherical than today. The reason behind this is the forces acting on the Earth.

Recreation of the earth:

Stop in Earth’s rotation will recreate the continents and oceans. As a result, we will get two oceans on both sides of the poles and one continent in the middle of the oceans. That means there will be no more Seven continents and just One. But don’t worry guys, because the resources have proved that this won’t happen, but we never know.

I hope you enjoyed reading this, Thank You

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