What does your Ear Wax tell about your Health

by theduckbuck

Hey Readers, our body consists of every organ and parts for a reason. And so as our ears. We are aware of the function of the ear. It helps to hear all the noise going around us. But what about the wax produced in it?

We frequently keep on cleaning our ears. And we find the wax of a specific color. So, what if I tell you that your wax can give you a hint about hour health.

Yess! It can do that. Wax is not the dirt of your body. It is a kind of protection to your ears. Your ear wax keeps your ear lubricant, and avoid from itching and dryness.

In this blog, I will share the types of Wax and their connection with your health with you.

White Wax

White colour wax is quite a common wax to see. It even means that the person has less odour than the one with black colour wax. And, it says that your body might have a deficiency of copper and iron. In that case, you can add the food which is rich in iron and copper.

Grey Wax

If you get to see grey wax, don’t worry, it’s just dust. It gets collected due to the area you live in. If it’s a city area, then pollution is the only reason for it. If you see this wax, that means your wax can keep your ear safe from any harmful things.

But if you feel itching and dryness in your ear with the grey wax. Then don’t take a chance. Take an appointment with the doctor.

Brown Wax

Having ear wax of brown colour is not something to worry about. It is just a thing that your body has gone through a lot of stress. And therefore you need some time to relax. So you can plan a trip somewhere.

Black Wax

If you get to see a wax of black colour once, then it can be normal. But if you see it frequently along with some intense itching in your ears. Then it can indicate that you have a fungal infection. So, ask your doctor and concern for the treatment, if any.

Dry Wax

Having dry wax in ears can say that you might have skin dryness or any skin disease. I a not here to afraid you. But want to tell you so that you can keep on paying attention to these things too.

Liquid Wax

If you feel like liquid ear wax, then it’s a normal thing because your body has the mechanism of self-cleaning. So it ok!

But if you feel it quite different then usual along with some drop of blood. Then it can be an inflammation and perforation of your eardrum. In a case, knock the door of Doctor.

Strong unpleasant smell

Strong and Unpleasant smell from your ear wax can tell you about the infection in your ear if the smell is somewhat unbearable than it means that your eardrum has a quite problem leading to an infection. Another reason can be that your ears have water inside; you can even hear the pop-up sound of it.

In such a case. Directly concern to a doctor without experimenting yourself.

Blood Drops

While cleaning your ear, if your see drops of blood with the wax. Then it can be an indication to you that your eardrums have some problems. An eardrum is a barrier between the bacterias, germs, and your ear. If your eardrum anyway gets affected, it can lead you to a serious problem. So make sure to concern any ear doctor.

These were about how you wax protects your ears and indicates you in case of any harmless.

Let me give you some basic facts about your ears, which you might have no idea about.

Hairs in Ears

Many times, you have heard this that some people have hairs in their ears. But let me tell you that, not some, but all of us have small hairs in our ears. These hairs protect our ears and block the way for the small germs and bacterias.

Ear works 24*7

Your ears keep on catching the voice from surrounding all day and night. Which means, your ears also works while you sleep.

Then how you don’t wake up? This is because your brain keeps the voice blocked so that you can give rest to your body.

How to keep your ears safe and clean?

The primary thing you can do to keep your ears clean and safe is by frequently cleaning it. You can even use the effective agents to clean your ear wax. Either oil or the drops.

That’s the easiest way to keep your ears in good condition.

I hope it was helpful for your reading this.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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