The Most Rare Blood group in the World

by theduckbuck

Blood is the most essential fluid in the body. And we are very proud of our blood groups, whether it be A, B, O or AB.

But what if I say, there is one more blood group which is rarest in the world.

Wondering which is it?

Don’t worry; In this blog, we will discuss the blood groups and the one which is very rare in the entire world.

First, let me get a soul into my science student body and give you some information about the blood groups.

There are 32 blood type systems, among which only two of them are used worldwide. At present, we are known to the ABO and RH factor.

ABO is the blood group that we have, and RH is the positive and negative sign, which indicates are actual blood group.

Blood Types:

The human body has three types of blood cells
Red blood cells
• White blood cells
• Platelets

• Red Blood Cells:
Red blood cells are the one which takes the oxygen from the lungs and supply it to the different parts of our body.

• White blood cells:
White blood cells are the antibodies that are also known as the fighters of our body, which protect our entire body system from the foreign cells, making you ill.

• Platelets:
Platelets are the cells that stop the blood flow when we get any injury to cure it.

How is the blood group classified?

To classify a person’s blood group, you need to know about the antigens and antibodies in the person.

Antigens are nothing but the protein molecules which are present on our blood cells.

Antibodies are the barrier to the foreign cells in our bodies. They don’t allow any foreign cells or any unrecognized cell in our body.

Specific blood groups have particular antigens and antibodies in their blood.

If you have A antigens and B antibodies, then your blood group will be A.

If you have B antigen and A antibodies, then you have B blood group.

The one who has A and B antigens with no antibodies are the ones with the AB blood group.

And the one who has no antigens but A and B antibodies, then the person has O blood group.

Now let me come on the positive and negative sign you have with your blood group.

The RH factor shows whether your blood group is positive or negative.

If you have Rh D on your blood cells, then you have the positive blood group.

And if you don’t have Rh D on your blood cells, you have the negative blood group.

For example, if I have A antigens and B antibodies along with Rh D, my blood group will be A definite ( A+ ). And if in case I have A antigens and B antibodies but no Rh D, then I would have A negative (A- ) blood group.

This blood group classification might give you knowledge about how a universal donor and universal receiver have been recognized.

Since O positive have no antibodies, They can easily donate their blood to any blood types. And the receiver can easily accept the blood of O positive. Therefore the people with O positive blood groups are known as Universal Donors.

And since AB positive has both the antibodies, they can quickly receive blood from any blood type because no one of the blood types are going to be restricted by the antibodies of AB. And therefore, they are known as Universal Receivers.

Now let me come to the rarest blood group in the world.

This blood group is so rare that I don’t even have a percentage to show the total number of active people of this blood group. Because in the world, there are only 43 people recognized in the last 50 years who have this blood group, among which 9 are the active people of this blood group today. This blood group is known as RH-null.

Imagine in a population of 7 billion; there are only 9 active people with this blood group. And this is the only reason why the blood group is also known as Golden Blood.

This blood group was first recognized in the year 1961 when a patient in Geneva ran out of the blood due to blood infection and asked supplier blood doctors when not able to identify which blood group should be correct supply him. And in this confusion, the patient died.

After his death, the blood sample was taken to Paris, where a doctor named this as an RH null blood group.

Why is it so rare?

The RH-null blood group is rare is because usually, human bodies have 346 antigens, among which 160 recognizes easily. But in case if a person has RH null blood group. Then he would have no antigens at all. That is the only reason why the blood group is so rare in the world.

How can a person get this unique blood group?

If both the parents of a child have the same Rh null blood group, then there are the chances that the baby will have the same blood group as parents.

Since the blood is also known as the golden blood because it is so rare and unique, it can also be a curse for the one who has it because they have to spend their entire life with a fear of not having any disease or getting high injuries. It is only because they are not going to get the blood quickly from anywhere. So they have to be very safe with their health, and then they have to donate the blood for themselves twice a year.

Even this blood group people are known as the universal donor because they can give the blood to any blood group type without any problem for them.

There was a recent case where a child was born with the same blood group of RH null. And he lacked the blood because of its rareness. And both of the parents head no blood group of same as a child. Therefore they need to take the help of a person with the blood group of RH null. And who all over the world went to help the child.

And the transportation of the blood is not as easy as getting an outfit for you. It takes hell lot of procedures and steps along with the rules and conditions.

The blood group should be transported with the 4 degrees Celsius of temperature, which is quite tricky. And in case somewhere are you to make it possible, then you have to go with the procedure of the Government of the particular country. Based on those rules, you can proceed with getting the transportation of the blood.

Sure I end up with all the information I had to share with you. I hope this blog was helpful and gave you knowledge about the rarest blood group in the world.

Thank You so much for the wedding so far.

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