The Human-Computer

by theduckbuck

Hello Readers, I am Ishika fromĀ

The one thing you hated the most in your life is getting up early in the morning for school and more than solving a mathematical problem. 

Till the age of 12, it is just our favorite subject to solve every now and then, but as soon we enter the higher standards, maths becomes a threatening subject for us.

We hate calculating the sums; we hate solving all those unexpected problems; we hate maths. 

But many people still continue maths as a passion and make sure to have their name in the World Guinness Book. 

That’s quite amazing! 

In this blog, I am going to talk about the lady who is known as Human-Computer and had listed her name in The World Guinness Book.

Yess, Shakuntala Devi! 

A lady who took less than 30 seconds to answer the multiplication of 13 digits into 13 digits. 

Little information: 

Shakuntala Devi was born on 4th November 1929 in Bangalore. She was a Writer, Astrologer, and Mental Calculator by profession. Her father, Vishwamitra, was a Magician and Trapeze Artist in Circus. When Shakuntala was 3 years old, her father used to play with her using cards showing the tricks and magic. But the strange thing happened that time was, When her dad taught her the magic in a day, she was not losing a single game. And this made her dad realize that Shakuntala has a great memory power. So he left the circus and took her to different places to show her talent to the world. She was as fast as seconds in maths, without any training or learning. 

At the age of 6, Shakuntala demonstrated her arithmetics ability at the University of Mysore. After this, she traveled the world to demonstrate her ability. 

Guinness Book of Record

In the year 1980, she was ready to mention her name in The Guinness Book. She solved the question of 13 digit number multiply by 13 digit number in seconds with the correct answer, not even a single-digit mistake. The Computer Department randomly picked the question. 

Besides Maths, She wrote many books to inspire many people in life. She was the first person who spoke about Homosexuality in her book “The World of Homosexuals” in 1977. She has shown the bright side of Homosexuality to the world with a positive aspect. also explained her methods of maths in the book “The Joy of Maths.” 

Having the title of Human-Computer was not satisfying for Shakuntala Devi. She had a belief that Human Brain has capability more than a computer. And it would be unfair to compare the mind with a computer. 

She was not just a person to he is known for Maths. But she had many things that she tributed to the world. She openly made the people aware of such a sensitive topic in the 90s. She came up with the importance of Zodiacs, Planets, and Astrology in such simple ways that people could understand its significance. 

Her solution to the problem of finding the 23rd root of 201 digit numbers in just 50 seconds was the one that made the world realize what love with a subject can be. 

To tribute The Pride of India, Bollywood has been working on her Biopic. 

These were all about Shakuntala Devi and her Maths love. I hope it was fun and knowable reading for you. 

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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