Interesting Facts About Ratan Tata

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Every child knows the iconic name, Mr.Ratan Tata. A person who is an inspiration to us, an idol for all the business startups. His way of working and style has always inspired many of us.

In this blog, we will share a few Interesting Facts you don’t know about Mr.Ratan Tata.

1. The Leadership

Mr.Tata has a different ambition, but to handle his family business, he stepped back from the studies. After becoming the Chairman of Tata Industries, he brought a massive growth in business. Revenues grew up to 40%. The Indian company got International fame in 21 years. 

2. Love for dogs

Mr.Tata is a Dog lover and loves to spend time with dogs. He has two dogs named Titu and Maximum. Also, he has sperate dog rooms in his house with all the required facilities where he every year keeps the street dogs in during monsoon season. 

3. Car Collection

There is no doubt that Mr. Tata has a craze of Cars as well. And to make your mind go off, He has a great collection of Cars that includes Jaguar F Type, Jaguar XF R, Landrover Freelander, Mercedes Benz S Class, Cardic XLR, Honda Civic, and Chrysler Sebring. And Ferrari California is his Favourite car.

4. Hidden Skill

Mr.Tata is not just an excellent Businessman but also a superb Pilot. He is a well trained Pilot. Not only this, but he was also the first Indian Civilian to fly the fighter aircraft F-16 Fighting Falcon. He also has a dream to retire from his profitable setup business and go with his passion for flying an aircraft.

5. A Hall Named by Him in Harvard Bussiness School

Mr.Tata is always a Charity person. He loves to help the ones who need help. And thus, he has donated 50M$ to Harvard Bussiness School for the construction of an Executive Center, that Hall is named as Tata Hall to honor him. 

6. Honorary Knighthood

Mr.Tata is the most humble and positive person. And so, no question that many honorable awards would award him. One from them is Honorary Knighthood Award. He is the first Indian Citizen after Independence, who is honored with this award. 

7. Favorite Color RED

Just like every one of us, he also has a favorite color, RED! I know you think that what is so interesting to know about this. But the reason we have this on our list is that once he went to Art Dealer and told him to buy all the Art that has Red color. 

8. A Retirement House

Mr.Tata got retired in the year 2012, and he bought a Retirement House for him that is worth 2 Million rupees. The house has the Best Sea View, including many other facilities that can make him have a comfortable life ahead after Retirement.

9. Tata Trust

Having a turnover of more than 1.3 billion, why is he not in the list of World’s Richest Man? The reason behind this is, he invests 61% of his income in charity trust, i.e., Tata Trust. This trust helps the one who is in need. Even during the Corona Pendamic, he donated a considerable amount to charity. The Tata Trust is working since century in different ways to help.

These were the interesting facts about Mr. Ratan Tata. I hope it was interesting for you to read them. 

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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