How would be Sacred Games Season 3?

by theduckbuck

Hey Readers, I am Ishika Doshi from Sacred Games is one of the most loved and watching series in India. The storytelling of Sacred Games has been so deliberating that people have always awaited for Season 2 and now Season 3.

So it’s quite a story which seems to be more attractive in Season 3. But how is it going to be, and what will be the storyline of Season 3? Everything we will predict and try to solve it.

The end of Kalyug?

The Storyline of Sacred Games season 2 seems to be quite different. If the attack blast succeeds, then the Kalyug will be over, and Satyug will start again, where Guruji would be praised as God and Gaitonde as an evil.

This theory is also on the positive side because the book on with the story of Sacred Games is based also has the same ending. So it’s might possible that makers choose their own story.

For whom Bunty was working?

If you have seen both the seasons, it would be quite easy for you to connect with each other. As Gaitonde said in the first Season, that “If I knew, Bunty is going to be like this, then I would have shot him earlier.”

And the next thing is that both JoJo and Ramila were part of Guruji’s plan to bring them in Gaitonde’s life. And the medium for both of them to be in Gaitonde’s life was Bunty. So there is a possibility that Bunty might be working for Guruji since the beginning.

And it is obvious to say this because he was like a spiritual and devotee character who had a lot of faith in god.

Why did Jojo lie?

It must seem as simple as she said that she works for Guruji. But do you think it was really so simple how it looked? In Season 2, Jojo was an important character, and it was shown that she had the guilt of her sister’s death.

However, she tried for suicide many times, but she couldn’t get all the guts to die. And since when she knew that listening this Gaitonde will shoot her, she did the same. So even this can be a new story to show in Season 3.

Sahid and Sartaj had old relations?

The flash back story, which Sahid’s mother sees, has a picture which is exactly similar to the Sartaj’s mother picture. Where we can even see Sahid’s mother and Sartaj’s mother in one frame.

If it’s true that Sahid and Sartaj are cousins, then it would be an exciting story to see between a police cop and the Terrorist.

The next Guruji, Batya?

Batya is another essential character, which is basically of a saint who handles the Aasharam after Guruji. So if in case, the end is not with the attack on Mumbai. Then, there are chances that Batya can be seen as a negative role who walks on Guruji’s path and tries to fulfill his last wish.

Who will be next, Gaitonde?

The story has a heartbreak for the viewers when Gaitonde dies. Its a big question about who will be next Gaitonde? Gaitonde gets trapped into the words of Guruji and does he decides to shoot himself and get Mukti’. Also, makers have addressed the elder son of Katekar, who gets tracked into the wrong field of work, and there can be a twist with it.

So, here was my prediction about Sacred Games Season 3. I hope you related to it.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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