How WiFi actually work?

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Wi-Fi, the Wireless Fidelity plays an integral part in our life. No matter where we go, Wi-Fi is must for us. 

Do you know How Wi-Fi actually works? When did Wi-Fi was invented? How were we able to share everything easily via the Internet using Wi-Fi? 

The answer to all these questions you are going to get in this blog. 

When was Wi-Fi invented? 

It is a story of the year 1991 when John O’ Sullivan was working on research with his team. During those days, he wanted to create a wave signal to connect with the black hole, but they failed in their project. They again tried to work on their research and Henry searching for they came up with the technology of Wi-Fi. 

In the year 1997, the Wi-Fi was open for the everyday use in houses with a name 802.11 with a speed of 2 megabytes/second. 

Later on, it updated in the year 1999, with a name 802.11b and speed 11 megabytes/second.

Then the name was changed with IEEE 802.11b. But it was quite challenging to adjust with the title, so later on, the name changed to Wi-Fi, came from the word Hi-Fi that means high fidelity. And in a way, we got the cool name Wi-Fi. 

How Wi-Fi works?

Wi-Fi is a wireless network. It works on the wave signals. The moment you share a picture to your friend, the picture gets broken into micro pixels and travel through your device to your friends via waves. And when your friend receives the image, it puzzles up as it was earlier. Likewise, your texts, videos and files are shared. The speed of Wi-Fi today is 2.4 and 5 gigahertz. Because of which you are Wi-Fi works so fast. 

Now you must be thinking that Why an image needs to be broken down in such small pixels to share. 

The reason behind this is, the Waves only has the language of 0 1. So any text or subject you share on the Internet via Wi-Fi the signal will only be able to share them in the 0 1 code language. Therefore whatever you share on the Internet is converted into the pixels, i.e. in the language 0 1, then it is shared on another device. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Wi-Fi? 

The time when Wi-Fi has introduced in the world, there are many advantages as well as disadvantages of Wi-Fi. 

Some of them are: 


• The networking process became effortless and versatile after using Wi-Fi

• As it is the wireless network, it is very cheap and easy to install. 

• Very fast and comfortable to share the data in just a while.

• As the time it was introduced, many business opportunities came forward. So it became and source of income for many people. 


• Wi-Fi works on radio waves, which can be harmful to health. However, the scientist has proved that it can harm in the way of Cancer or Tumor. But since the radiation frequency is shallow, so it becomes a slow process of harming your health. 

• Wi-Fi signals can be quickly interrupted if there are many users connected to other sources. In that case, your Wi-Fi speed can be lower up.

That was all about Wi-Fi from its invention and up to its pros and cons. I hope it was meaningful and valuable for you reading this. 

Thank You so much for reading so far. 

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