How was telescope invented?

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We all are connected with technology today. And this term was brought in our life a long time ago. Since the time of our ancestors, we are aware of the new inventions and technologies.

Technology is nothing but an invention of a particular thing which adds value in our life. Like, the invention of fire, light, cell phones, the computer, the airplane, and many more.

One invention from these is a telescope. And In this blog, we are going to gain knowledge of Telescope.

The Telescope is a technology through which we can see an object 20 times more magnified. That means, if an item is far from you, you can easily see it.


Hans Lippershey did the invention of the Telescope in the year 1608. He was an eyeglass maker in Dutch, Netherland.

The story of the Telescope is like:

A dutch, watch glassmaker was busy with his work when he saw two kids adjusting the angle of a glass, which made the object visible easily, kept at long distance.

Then, he experimented with and adjusted the concave and convex mirror together and formed a telescope-like structure called Kijker, which means a ” looker. ” The kijker was able to magnify the image up to 3 times. He patents the Telescope on 2nd October 1608.

After his patent, some of the glassmakers of the same place claimed that the idea of the “looker” is copied from them. One from them was Zacharias Jansen. But, after the patent, the invention of both seemed different. Zacharias Jansen was credited for the invention of the compound microscope.

While this invention was supplied to higher society in Europe, Jacques Bovedere saw the Telescope and was informed to none other than Galileo Galilei. Who was already well known for his other inventions.

The time Galileo got to know about the invention of Telescope. Without seeing the invention of Hans, he worked on making the improved version of the Telescope. Which had the power to magnify the object 20 times more? The Telescope was completed in the year 1609.

It was the first Telescope that was able to see beyond the Earth’s surface. The first time Galaxy was seen from the eyes via Telescope. It proved that Earth is not the planet in the center. And the moon has spots and mountains. Also, Galileo was able to see the ring of Saturn. And this was a significant achievement in human life.

This achievement also was able to prove the Corpuscles Theory right.

The Telescope made by Galileo Galilei was also called as Refractor.

Benefits of Telescope:

• Telescope made the space studies easy to observe and understand more efficiently.

• Telescope has helped understand the fundamental laws and about gravity.

• It was easy to understand the radiance of light from sun and star through Telescope.

• As the year of the passing Telescope is also improving as for the requirements. And thus, we can understand the entire structure of galaxy and space gravity.

After the success of telescope invention, it was used for the Astrological studies. And more and more copy versions of the Telescope invented to study the space astronomy in more details.

Not just a similar version of the Telescope, but many different varieties of telescopes were invented.

Myth which was solved by Telescope:

We humans have a limit on eyes but not on a mind and thinking power.

Therefore, since the ancient time, we have so many myths about space which were cleared after the invention of the Telescope.

1. The Earth is flat.

Before, we used to believe that the Earth is a flat surface. But after observing it from Telescope, it was clear that Earth is not a flat surface but a spherical one.

2. Earth is at the center of the galaxy.

The next meet was that Earth is at the center of the galaxy. But after seeing the sun and observing the universe. This route was also cleared.

3. Moon is a clean surface.

This was the most commonly made to be believed that the moon is a clean surface without any single spot. But this myth was even cleared after seeing the moon from Telescope. There were many mountains like structures and holes on the moon.

4. The galaxy is only one in space.

This was the next month, which was firmly believed. That the galaxy in which Earth is is the only galaxy in the space. But it was also cleared when we came across more than one universe.

And then it was also believed that just like this galaxy there is a planet somewhere which consists of life.

Not just this few, but there are more myths and facts which were cleared and a short with the help of Telescope.

As I mentioned before, after the invention of the refractor telescope, there were many varieties of different telescopes, including the compound microscope, reflecting telescopes and such others.

Reflecting Telescope:

Isaac Newton did the invention of reflecting Telescope.

The different material used in reflecting Telescope was a mirror made by an alloy of tin and copper. Till the year 1688, the Telescope was all set to be used.

The reflecting Telescope can be said as an advanced version of the refractor telescope.
Because the Telescope doesn’t have chromatic aberration, the working process of reflecting Telescope was like, reflecting Telescope had a mirror that collects the light from the objects in space and forms its image. That was cheap and easy to make and use. Even the vision power of reflecting Telescope is more than the refractor telescope, which helps the astronomers to explore the galaxy more.

Types of Telescope:

There are certainly various types of telescopes, which have been invented as per the requirements and the time.

  1. Optical Telescope
  2. Radio telescope
  3. Ultraviolet Telescope
  4. Submillimetre telescope
  5. Mount telescope
  6. X-ray telescope

Drawbacks of Telescope:

I Am sure you know how vital the Telescope is for Mankind. But besides this, there are few disadvantages of the telescopes.

1. Chromatic aberration

This was the major problem in every Telescope. Telescopes work by collecting the lights and forming the image. And as the theory, white light is created on the combination of individual colored lights. The image used to form in rainbow colors which do not use to give a clear vision.

2. Blur image

Many times due to the effect of lenses and other reasons, the images from the space used to become blurry.

3. Heavy and hard to move

The new requirement of big lenses and a significant body of the Telescope. The Telescope just to be heavy, and thus it was not even an easy task to shift the Telescope all store anywhere.

4. Expensive

The lenses for Telescope required of high quality to avoid aberration. This used to lead to an expensive telescope, including the body structure of the Telescope.

5. Shape of Lens

It was an arduous task to save the lens and make it perfect from inside with a proper curve on both the side of the lens.

6. Spherical aberration

This is another problem in a telescope; the spherical abbreviation does not allow all the lights to focus on the same point.

As time passed with technology, these problems are solved in a way they could be.

Some Telescopes which are used today:

  1. Hubble Space Telescope

Hubble telescope is used to observe the universe and space without any distortion of light.

  1. The Chandra X-Ray Observatory
  2. The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory
  3. Spitzer Space Telescope

These are some telescopes that are used today by NASA.

These was all about Invention of Telescope. I hope it was fun and meaningful reading for you.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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