Effective Ways to Stay Healthy Mentally

by theduckbuck

Hello Readers, In the busy world, we get no time to focus on the thing which is more important than any other thing in life. That is our Mental Health. 

It is said that

“A person who is physically weak but mentally strong can conquer a physically strong and mentally week person” 

Because the person has the ability to think from the positive aspect of life and a way to pass the obstacles in life. 

We people don’t talk about Mental Health issues, which are so important. A person is going through a hell lot of thoughts and sadness in life, don’t feel free to talk about it in any way with anyone. The only reason for this is it makes them feel that What the others are going to do with my problems? They will just laugh and judge me on those thoughts. 

And that’s why, even with so much happiness and success in life, no one feels free to express their thoughts.

Therefore, by this blog, I, Ishika Doshi from theduckbuck.com, want to share some Effective Ways to Stay Mentally Healthy. 

Before starting, let us know that What is Clinical Depression and What is Feeling Depressed?

Feeling Depressed is a feeling where we think that the one particular problem we faced sometime back is the worst thing that happened with us, and now nothing good can happen. It’s an emotional feeling that makes you feel low. But a favorite food or a talk with the closed one can make us feel better. And therefore, it is harmless.

But a Clinical Depression is a different thing with a different concept. In this, people don’t need a specific reason to feel low. Anything going around and occurring with them makes them feel sad and depressed. Clinical depression lowers the happy feeling in person. Even if the clinically depressed person talks to the close one, or make a trip to a favorite place, they still feel low. And this is harmful to the person. 

So, to stay away from such a problem, we can do these things to keep our Mental Health stable and positive. 

1. Physical Health

It is not an answer to the question that Physically stable means Mentally stable. But it is a way to keep your mind fresh and positive because exercising daily triggers your body to release the good feeling hormones and decrease the level of fear, anxiety, and low feeling. Exercising helps you to bring activity and charge you for the day from internally. 

2. Stay Away from Negative Mind

To make yourself mentally strong, it is very important to get more and more positivity in your life. It is believed in the world that Indians are very smart people, but if we have some negative influences in our life, then it can be harmful to us. Negative influences include addiction to bad things like drugs, excessive alcohol or weed consumption, wrong diet, and the most importantly wrong company. These things make us feel more negative and low. If you have even one friend in your group who is always on the side of negativity, maybe by the words or by action, it can affect you more than anything. 

So it is very important to take yourself on the right path and have a good and positive company that can influence your mind in a better way. There is a word cynic, which means the one who always focuses on the bad aspects only. Such a person can make you feel the same. Try to cut off all the negativity from your life. Consume good content, talk to good peoples who can give you a positive reason to think of, read some books which can influence your mind in a healthy track and most importantly keep the internal environment positive in yourself. 

3. Talk to people 

If you have any mental health issues, some problems going in your life which were not able to cope up, any stress, any fear or if you are feeling low. Then have a talk to the one who is very close to you. They can be your family, your friend, or your mentor. But there should be at least one person in your life with whom you can share everything without any shame or fear. Just open yourself up in front of the one you trust the most and who can listen to your problems. 

It is said that when we have any problem, there is always a solution to it no matter what problem it is. And we, when facing a problem, cannot go to the solution of it. So talking to someone can help us to get the solution to our problems. 

It is so believed that human learns from the stories and the moral. We say that this particular person’s story has inspired me to do something better in my life; it is because we humans have the nature of getting inspired and taking the moral from others’ life. There is always a person who has faced the same problem you are facing today; in fact, we don’t have a solution to the problem, but the person who has already faced it has the solution, and this gives rise to your mind to be positive.

So it is very important to share your problems share whatever is going in your mind with at least one person in your life. 

4. Medication

The most effective and helpful thing to keep our mental health stronger is Medication. It is not the only whole and sole solution to the problems, but it is a way that can give you a vision to a different aspect of it. If we talked about the scientific reason to do medication than, there is a part in our brain known as the amygdala, this part of the brain is associated with Stress, Fear, Jealousy, Anxiety, Lack of empathy, Negative competitiveness. These things stimulate your amygdala. The more power of the amygdala in your brain, the more this kind of emotion you feel in your mind. And it is said that daily meditation decreases the size and power of the amygdala. And once the size of the amygdala is decreased, all these emotions of fear, stress, jealousy, and anxiety want the effect on your mind negatively. 

Medication decreases the negative emotions and also triggers the focus, empathy, and positivity in your mind and life.

So, the moral of this blog is to do the things which can bring positivity in your mind. Don’t be with someone who can give you negative thoughts and vibes in any way. And most importantly, work on yourself, in both physical and mental aspects. 

I hope these effective ways will help you get out of your problems and go ahead with a positive mind in your life. 

Thank you so much for reading so far. 

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