Do really movies have an impact on our real life.

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Hello Readers, Do really movies have an impact on our real life?

We all have craze of Bollywood and Hollywood movies, so I thought to choose a topic and bring something productive for you. So today will talk about ‘Do real movies have an impact on viewers real life?’. Let’s start with a case study.

“Kabir Singh” Again on Fire?

Ashwani Kashyap age 33 was a resident of Bijnor who is well known today by the names like “Johnny dada” and “TikTok villain”. Between 26 to 30 September he killed 3 person due to which Bijnor police started finding him.

He was mad for a girl named Nikita, who was an air hostess in Dubai. He took 50 thousand rupees from his dad with the reason for getting a job in Singapore. But police had a belief that he bought a semi-automatic pistol from that money and with that pistol he shooted five bullets in Nikita in Daulatabad village and two youngsters who trolled him publicly.

It is said that Kashyap was madly in love with the Nikita from his childhood. But Nikita refused to love him back, and investigators believe that this was only the reason behind this murder case not only the story says this but his social media too. Kashyap had regularly uploaded extremely threatening messages and videos on TikTok and Facebook.

Once he said that “No one will be forgiven now, wait and watch! I will destroy everything”, and in one video he mentioned that “Jo Mera Nahi ho Sakta use Kisi Aur ka hone ka mauka hi Nahin Dunga” which is a dialogue of “Kabir Singh” movie because of which the controversy of Kabir Singh came again on fire.

Do you think that movies motivate us to do such things?

If yes, then should they be banned? It is especially relevant to think about because recently two controversial films have been released ” Kabir Singh ” and The ” Joker.”

Why Kabir Singh?

Kabir Singh was a remake of a Telugu movie which was fallen into a controversy due to the way, the character of Shahid Kapoor was glorified or praised in the film. His role was of a brilliant doctor who was addicted to alcohol and had less respect towards female.

One of the scenes from this movie was a kiss to a female character without her consent, and another view was about threatening a girl with a knife and forcing her to remove her clothes. Because he was a brilliant doctor, his behaviour was justified in the movie. Critics say that problem wasn’t that sexual harassment scene were shown, but the problem was that such action was never condemned.

Kabir Singh earned 300 crore rupees on box office, and it is not the only movie which was fallen in controversy.

What was the reaction of Shahid Kapoor?

Shahid Kapoor said that why people are not talking about the Baazigar movie where Shahrukh Khan killed Shilpa Shetty? Or why Sanju movie where Ranbir Kapoor made toilet seat as Mangalsutra and put it in the neck of the Sonam Kapoor?

“Jokar ” face the same?

Joker is also a box office hit movie, and it was already in dispute before its releasing. On one side, Joker got 8 minutes standing ovation at Venice Premiere, and on the other hand, people fought to ban this movie.

Why this? Because the character of this movie was leaving his life with a lot of trouble. He was bitten on the road; his fellow friends used to troll him a lot, he lost his job and got mentally disabled, he was not so good looking and also didn’t had many friends.

Just one time he gained attention in the movie when he killed someone on live television. And after this, he was treated as a hero in this movie.

The US wanted to ban this movie because, as Joker is shown a hero in this movie, people had felt that the other mentally unstable people could get inspired by this mass shooting movie.

Those who want to get attention from violent things can get inspiration. Mainly because many times the film was trying to ask sympathy towards Joker. And the country where guns can be readily available and whose history says about a mass shooting, in such countries it is valid to say that.

The violent is not only the reason for the controversy of these movies but in 2015 also this character was in dispute due to the comic book cover. Critics say that it is inspiring sexual violence and torture.

The members related to the movies tried to defend the film, and they gave the same defending statements where the first was; “movies only depict the real-life and don’t influence the behaviour”. And second was “why only their movie was in controversy, and not another movie”.

The director of the joker movie claimed that why nobody is talking about John Wick 3 where extreme murder and violence scenes are projected?

Linking the movies for the same!

Let’s focus on the second point first.

Yes, it is right that Sanju movie was not criticized more because the reason can be that those movies don’t have more anti-women scenes as Kabir Singh.

And yes maybe Joker and John Wick 3 have a comparison but why we don’t criticize John Wick 3 like that because the reason can be that the scenes which are projected cannot be relevant to the viewers as Joker had.

People can identify themselves in Joker more and not in John Wick 3. The stunts and the weapons used in John Wick 3 cannot be related. Whereas in joker movie the character, its problem, everything could be connected easily.

Now let’s discuss the first point of argument. Most of the studies have been done in the USA, and they say that media can impact our real-life behaviour.

When it was research, it is said that a violent movie or video game can affect a person’s behaviour for short term or long term. Many theories claimed that extreme films and video games don’t impact much.

They decrease the crime number. Where in one time they were involved in crimes are now involved in such movies which reduce the crime.

According to the researchers in the US, the link between movies and real-life crime is weak. And in India, it’s hard to say due to lack of research. As every research, studies and theories are mixed, it is not possible to clarify that does movies impact on real-life behaviour. Because violent content does not impact much but the sexually violent content impacts.

It can be a reason because extreme movies have different characters of villain and various problems even they are not identified much time. But in sexually violent videos, the other individual is always the same, i.e. a female. So might that chances of having an impact on the sexually violent movie and not of a violent film.

What can be a solution to such things then?

Ban is not a solution because it can affect the freedom of expression. And certificates can also impact upon certain limits. Another way which has been kept in front is that they should give a warning before or after the movie by the director or by the lead characters, that this movie doesn’t support any violent scenes. So it can be more productive.

Alright. Thank You for reading it. I hope it was worth investing your time in.

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