Dhinchak Pooja The smartest Women on Youtube

by theduckbuck

Yes, Readers, you read it right. Dhinchak Pooja is the smartest woman on YouTube, and you will get to know WHY in this blog.

So Hello Readers, In this blog today we are going to discuss the most famous personality Dhinchak Pooja.

Joined Youtube on Joined Oct 3, 2014
Total 94,692,706 views on Youtube
Having full 600K Subscriber Based

Before starting the blog, let me ask you one thing. Suppose you are with your group, chilling around and one of your friends is recording all the fun there.

Suddenly you get a call from your mother, and she started shouting on you for not bringing the right grocery as your phone was on speaker your friends cannot stop laughing on you. Next day you find that recording all over the internet, and your phone is full with all the laughs and messages. What your reaction would be?

You will be ashamed of yourself and maybe get angry on your friends who made your video viral

But In this case for Dhinchak Pooja, she was a different girl. When she uploaded her first videos on her youtube channel, she took this with an opportunity to grow herself on this media platform.

She studied the concept of how to grow by roasting and made other contents which we are foolish to watch & Listen and you might be surprised by looking, but her all videos were on number 1 trending just because they are stupid. Her videos have no proper sound, music or decent lyrics even not a precise rapping then how videos go viral?

How Dhinchak Pooja became the smartest woman on YouTube?

The answer is as simple as, when you see something hilarious you keep on sharing it with your friends and your family members, and there she earned and got viral where you were finding fun, she was getting different more ideas. She traps the behaviour of her audience and makes it clear that she will create a cringe pop music youtube channel

But just on one video getting viral it’s no end. She knew that she has to keep consistency and create another such video so that people should keep an eye on her videos and on her content to find a way to roast it and to make fun of it.

And that’s how she became the successful and smartest girl on youtube & she designed her content that way that it is a significant reason for her success. She kept on making such content where people saw her video and try to find out the one crying line or one point where they can laugh and share the videos.

After this all discussion we have to say that yes, Dhinchak pooja is the smartest girl in the world of popular Internet creators.

Dhinchak pooja Social Media Life
Dhinchak Pooja social media life is also interesting, People are making memes, sharing her content and lot more,

Even the hashtag #dhinchakpooja is on trend on instagram, you can view that hashtag here

Her username on Instagram is @dhinchakofficial

Link = www.instagram.com/dhinchakofficial

I hope you enjoyed reading it and got an idea for your self.
Thank You

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