21 Facts About Sonu Sood

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Sonu Sood is a name that is famous today in Bollywood. He is counted in the list who have to build their career without any industrial background. He is renowned for his villain role in many of the films. And today, he is a real hero in the eyes of many people.

In this blog, we are going to discuss,

21 Facts you are unaware of Sonu Sood

1. Sonu Sood was born on 30th July 1973 in the Moga city of Punjab. His mother was a professor, and his father had a clothes shop.

2. He holds the degree of electronic engineering, and In the final year of his college, he participated in one of the modeling events. After this, he thought of being an actor and a model. With a backup plan that if you didn’t succeed in this field, he would get back to face the city and continue his life with a job as an engineer.

3. When Sonu Sood granted permission from his parents. They supported him and asked him to be a successful person in the field. After 2 years of being in Mumbai, he was jobless. In this period, he realized that it is not easy to step into Bollywood without any reference.

4. In the 90s, the very famous Indian comics Nagraj was popular in those days. And Sonu got the start of his career with the advertisement in The Nagraj comics for television.

5. Whenever Sonu used to feel disappointed or depressed, his mother used to write letters for him and motivate him with them. Her mother believed that calls could inspire for a day, but the letters can have inspiration for a lifetime. This always made Sonu motivated and positive

6. The first debut film of Sonu Sood was Tamil film, which holds an interesting story. Basically, during those days, the audition was not an option; directors use to choose their new faces with the photograph. Does Sonu visited a director and shared his pictures with them, but it seems they had no space for any actor they rejected him. But it was all about a chance. His photographs were seen by an assistant and sent to another office. There, Vijay Kant, a popular actor in the south, saw the pictures and asked Sonu Sood for the villain role. He accepted the role, hoping that after this movie, he can get a chance in many other South films.

7. The first Bollywood movie of Sonu Sood was released in 2001, where he played the role of Bhagat Singh. But as the film consisted of more new faces, it got flop in the box office. The lifetime collection of the movie was 38 lakh rupees.

8. The inspiration of Sonu Sood was Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger. After watching them, he started gyming.

9. During the shooting of the Dabang film, Sonu got slightly fractured on his nose after the punch shoot. Despite that, he went on set for the next day shooting to avoid production laws.

10. The mother of Sonu Sood got expired in the year 2007, the time when he was shooting for Jodha Akbar. His mother had a good interest in history; therefore, she used to give him reference from the past to make his role more effective. And this was the movie, after which Sonu Sood was nominated for the Filmfare award for his role. After Jodha Akbar, Sonu got a chance in Bollywood movies to work with big films, including Singh is King and Dabangg.

11. Sonu was fascinated with the Nandhe Award for the horror film Arundhati. It is believed that the Nandhe award holds more importance than Filmfare. And Sonu is the first Bollywood actor who got Nandhe Award.

That’s a proud moment!

12. Happy new year was the first movie when Sonu Sood met Shahrukh Khan. And Shahrukh Khan was inspired by the fitness of Sonu Sood.

13. During his struggling stage, Sonu Sood used to meet the actors to get inspiration from them. But during that period, no one used to meet Sonu Sood, and many of them ignored him. Many people demotivated Sonu, saying that he cannot be an actor. But today, when any struggler wants to meet Sonu, he treats them really in a good way. In one of his interviews, he mentioned that when he was a struggler, he faced a lot of rejections and disappointments. So when any struggler comes to meet him, he can feel the same. So he never misses the chance of meeting someone who is going to meet Sonu.

14. The movie KungFu Yoga was the best memorable movie for Sonu Sood because he shared the screen with Jacky Chain, which itself is an honorable movement for any actor in the industry. And especially those fight scenes.

15. Sonu Sood is yet willing to play his dream role in Bollywood. His favorite movies are Rambo and Rocky. And he wished to play such roles in Bollywood movies.

16. Sonu Sood was offered the same role in Dabangg 2 of Chedi Singh. But he rejected the role because he felt that the role of the main Villain was got so popular in Dabangg 1, then playing it as side Villan Role cannot have the same impact.

17. Sonu Sood has rarely faced any controversy in his life. The one is during Manikarnika, Kangana Ranaut put an allegation that Sonu Sood doesn’t like to work under the direction of a lady director. Which then was cleared by Sonu in the interview.

18. The Hollywood film The Legend of Hercules was when dubbed in Hindi, Sonu Sood was chosen for Hercules’s voice.

19. Sonu Sood has also worked in a Dubai based English movie where is role is of a struggler who wants to be an actor.

20. Sonu Sood has always kept his hand forward to help the needy people. And the example of this has been easily seen during this lockdown where Sonu Sood feeds thousands of people’s stomachs. And later when he came to know about the workers going back to their village by walking hundreds of kilometer. He arranged 12 luxury buses for the 350 workers and helped them to reach their homes. And today the numbers have been increased.

21. Sonu has given his Hotel to the government is the quarantine center.

It is considered in the rare Bollywood celebs who not just with the amount but also on the personal level tries to help the one who really needs help.

This was 21 facts about Sonu Sood, which you might rarely know.

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