20 Things Flight Attendant can’t do while being on Duty.

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Travelling in a flight is so comfortable and easy to reach your destination within a few hours even if its seven seas aways.

And when we see the Attendants, it feels so good and heavenly to have such a job. Where you can travel to all the corners of the world as a job purpose, they look so polite, calm, and good looking.

But do you know that the attendants who are in their duty to serve you in flight and make your trip easier has many restrictions to follow?

Yes, readers, there are so many Things that the crew members can’t do while being on duty.

1. No strong Perfume:

The crew members cannot use strong perfume. They can only go with light smell perfumes while being on duty.

2. No eating in front of passengers:

The crew members cannot eat in front of the passengers. They have separate cabins where they can eat and drink but not in front of any passenger.

3. No sleep:

While being on duty, they are not allowed to sleep unless the flight is longer. For a short trip, even if everything is perfect on the aeroplane, they still cannot have a single nap.

4. No free trips for family or friends:

Yes, working in an airline, they cannot take advantage of it. They are not allowed to make a free trip from the flights for their family and friends anywhere.

5. No extra accessories:

As an attendant, female crew members are not allowed to wear long earrings. Many airlines do not permit to wear more than two-finger rings. Even they are not allowed to wear any tongue or nose pin. These things are just for safety measures.

6. Neat hair:

If the female crew member has hairs longer than the shoulder, then they have to make a ponytail or tie them in a bun. The strands should be neatly secured. And only natural colours of hairs are allowed.

7. Formal look beards:

Male crew members cannot have any funky beards. They should have small and clean beards. Even the underarms and nostrils should not have hairs. Everything should be perfect.

8. Height matters:

It is the first thing that measures before selecting the attendant. Different airlines have different height criteria. It is just to help the passengers when they require it.

9. No tips are allowed:

The crew members cannot accept any tip from the passengers. If you want to praise them, then you can be polite and kind to them. But no tips can be accepted in any way. They cannot even carry or exchange money while being on duty.

10. Neat and clean nails:

Helping every time, every passenger, it is just that they have to be cleaned and tidy all the time. So they have to take a daily bath and use mouth cleaners, perfumes, deodorant everything to smell good. Besides this, their nails should also be small and neat. Light colour nail paints are allowed to be applied, but not the darker or the neon one.

11. No heavy Makeup:

The first quality of the crew member is to appear good. Hence, they are not allowed to go bare face in front of the passenger; crew members have to apply light makeup on their face that too not in front of any passenger.

12. Limited luggage:

The crew members have a restriction on the luggage too. They can only get one luggage bag and one carry bag that to of black colour. Besides this, they cannot carry anything with them while on the trip. Also, their luggage is check, and they cannot sell anything on the flight on a personal level except asking the passengers to subscribe to their airline channel.

13. Uniform is their identity:

The uniform they carry is the way they represent their airlines. And therefore they are not allowed to go in front of any passenger wearing anything else then their uniform. Consequently, they change their uniform after reaching the hotel or their home. Even they cannot perform any activity which can impact on the name of their lines.

14. No earplugs or headphones:

No matter how screamy children they have in flight or a person who is always talking and unnecessary making noise, they are not supposed to wear your plugs or headphones to avoid all this noise. It is just for the passenger’s safety measures. So that the emergency alarm or passengers’ requests don’t miss by the crew members.

15. Screaming is not allowed:

As being a duty of making a volume loud to keep the announcements clear, crew members are not allowed to speak noisily while talking with their colleagues. Because it can disturb the passengers’ rest time. Not just this, but they have to maintain their language really well. No slang words, substandard language, or harsh tone is allowed.

16. They can’t Slouch:

They have to be very particular in their body language. No foldings of hands or hands in pockets are allowed. They cannot even launch for a while. In fact, many airlines have proper ramp walk training to improve the walk of the crew members.

17. Cannot enter in Cockpit anytime:

The crew members cannot enter the Cockpit anytime they want. Because it can distract the pilot and can be dangerous for the passengers travelling on the flight. Therefore if in case they have an emergency call to the pilot and then take permission to open the door of the Cockpit.

18. Cannot leave a flight before passengers:

If one of the passengers is not able to leave the flight on himself. Then they can call for help from the centre. Until someone comes to help the passenger to get out of the plane, the crew members have to wait for it in the flight itself. We cannot live a single passenger alone on the flight.
In short, they have to be very particular and helpful all the time while being on duty.

These were some restrictions which are followed by the crew members who are every time on their duty to serve you in flight and make your trips easy.

Hope it was fun reading for you.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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