11 Weirdest phobias You should Know about!

by theduckbuck

In this blog we have mentioned 11 Weirdest Phobias ever.

We all have a fear of some, or the other thing may a fear from an animal, darkness, height or water. We do have a phobia. But have you ever heard about the fear of hairs or clothes?

Hey Readers! Today the topic of discussion is The Weirdest Phobias You have Ever Heard About.

Phobia is the next version of fear. When you have an extreme fear of something, which can create anxiety is Phobia. We have listed down the 10 weirdest Phobias, which will make you think a lot. Want to read only Summary we have included that too

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We all have the excitement of being 18+. Not for other reasons but to gain an official Driving license. Because we love to ride a bike and cars, But what if I say that some people have a Phobia of riding a car.

Well, it made me wonder too. But Amaxophobia is nothing but a Fear of Riding a Car.


Our day starts with a Good Morning, The bright day with bright sunshine. And in hot summers, the sunshine or beaches can melt anyone away. But the people who have Heliophobia, don’t enjoy this at all.

Because they have a fear of the Sun, Yess, it’s a challenging task for them to step out of their house in the day time. They have a fear of getting any skin disease if they go in the sun.


Well, after sunny days, we have a beautiful season. Rainy season. The romantic season is a favourite of almost every one of us. But some people hate this season at all. Because they have a fear of Rain and this Phobia is named Ombrophobia.

The one suffering from Ombrophobia has the challenge to continue 3 months, and if he/she is from South India, then I cannot even imagine their condition.


This Phobia is a little more wired. Because In day to day life, we go out with friends and family to attend functions, bunk colleges, and just to chill. But Anthropophobia people don’t like all these things.

Because they have a fear of People, they avoid getting out in public because of the Fear of Public and Society. They are the who love Nature more than humans.


Well talking about homophobia, I was in wonder before that does this exist?
Because somniphobia is Fear to Sleep, the one who has somniphobia doesn’t sleep at all. This Phobia occurs to them who have faced any trauma or who have a fear of death. They think that if they slept, then might anything wrong could happen with them.

Then how could they are sleeping?


The one who has an excitement for hilly regions and love to Nature cannot resist themselves from travelling to all beautiful places. But if my group has a person having Dendrophobia, then I have no other option slightly then dropping my plan. Because Dendrophobia people have a fear of Trees, they don’t like trees at all.

It’s challenging to handle a person with Dendrophobia. They feel like the tree will fall on them or maybe destroy everything.


When we have the responsibility of any work, whether to handle your young sibling or to handle an entire company, we take all care and precautions to make sure we don’t go wrong anywhere. We correctly do all the things. And if something is imperfect, it makes us feel uncomfortable, but what if it becomes fear for us?

Atelophobia is Fear of Imperfection. The one was having Atelophobia fear about not being good enough or not correctly doing something. They are so scared of not being perfect that many times they don’t even like a book kept in the wrong direction.


Who loves bike or car racing Or a long drive on the highway? Every one of us. What is similar to both of these? Speed. We just don’t ride, but it seems that we fly talking with air and all those movie memories.

But if your partner or a family member has Tachophobia, then you have to avoid all this with them. Because they have major Fear from Speed, they don’t feel fun in a car or bike running in Speed.

It mostly happens to them who have experienced an accident, which makes them feel stressed.


Every one of us works so hard just to look good. Especially girl’s makeup, spa, even surgeries at a time. But what if I say that some men have Fear of Beautiful Women? It’s shocking, right.

But true. Caligynephobia makes a person fear of Beautiful women. It happens to them who have face any incident before, like harassment, rape, genetic environment or physical assault.


The person having Phobophobia makes him have a fear of Phobia. It is like you have a Fear of Fear. Strange for me, these people have a fear of having any doubt. Many times it happens that we wonder about any situation which scares us.

Like what if I feel any paranormal activity. How would I react? Will I be alive after that? How am I going to face it?
That is what Phobophobia is. It makes you scared by just thinking about any scary adventure. And many people have a panic attack by this thinking fear.


Nomophobia is a phobia of Not having a Phone. Yes, you read it right.
People feel Fear of Not Having a Cell Phone. This is so serious that they even face anxiety attacks. Anyone who is all-time with their phone and if they are asked to leave their phone all of a sudden, then that might interest me dangerous things for them. Because they cannot even think to stay away from the phone.

Alright, So these were some Weirdest Phobias I have ever heard about.
I hope you enjoyed reading this,
Thank You

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  1. Amaxophobia = Fear of Driving Car
  2. Heliophobia = Fear of Sun
  3. Ombrophobia = Fear of Rain
  4. Anthropophobia = Fear of People
  5. Somniphobia = Fear of Sleep
  6. Dendrophobia = Fear of trees
  7. Atelophobia = Fear of Imperfection
  8. Tachophobia = Fear of Speed
  9. Caligynephobia = Fear of Beautiful Women
  10. Phobophobia = Fear of Doubt
  11. Nomophobia = Fear of not having Mobile

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