10 Innovations happened Incidentally but now you can’t Imagine the World without Them.

by theduckbuck

Innovations keep on going on in the world since the day human has born. And many times the things don’t go the way they should. But we never know which one thing can change your life.

Like way, many things have innovated incidentally, but today you cannot imagine a day without using them.

So in this blog, we are going to talk about 10 innovations that happened incidentally, but now you cannot imagine the world without them.

1. Match Sticks

In 1826, John Walker, a British pharmacist, used wooden sticks to mix the chemicals together. So one day, while mixing his chemicals together, he found one wooden stick had some substances stuck on it. So he tried to remove the substances while doing that; the stick caught fire on it. And from there he got a brilliant idea to make life better. At the beginning of the invention, it was used to sell 3cm matches to the companies with a paper to give them fire. And soon the matches got popular till today.

2. X-Ray

Wilhelm Roentgen, a physics professor in the year 1895, kept his hand on the glass while experimenting that whether cathode rays pass through glass or not. While testing something casually. He ended up creating a remarkable innovation for the world.

3. Antibiotics

Antibiotics are an essential factor today in human life. It helps us to cure any disease. One day Alexander Fleming, a biologist professor, was in his research and having experiment on different bacterias when he observed mold on the Patri dish containing the bacteria named staphylococci. He observed that the mold had made a shield around it, which is killing the bacterias. And on further observation, he came up with an antibiotic named Penicillin.

4. Plastic

Before plastic, shellac was the material that was used in the early 20th century. But the problem in shellac was it was costly to produce. So scientists were on their experiment to find something cheaper and as useful as shellac. And so The chemist Leo Hendrik came up with the substance that was a mixture of few components, and it was highly resistible from heat and could be able to be used for many different products. After the invention, we all know the name as plastic.

5. Microwave Oven

Microwave oven was previously microwave, which was used to check radiation. One day Percy Spencer was standing near the microwave radar and checking the Waves when he found that the chocolate kept in his pocket is gone melted and sticky. After this incident lot of researches were held and then the innovation of microwave done.

6. Ice-Cream Cone

In the year 1904, Hamwi was a person in Syrian who used to sell crispy waffles. During those days, ice cream was the most famous consumed food item. So every time the people use to go out and hang up with the ice cream. One day, Hamwi was selling is Raffles near an ice cream vendor. And he saw that ice-cream vendor was running out of the ice cream boxes due to its demand. So Hamwi thought to curve the waffles in the shape of a cone and give it to the ice cream vendor to use them as an ice cream holder. Undoubtedly this idea worked well. And we got our ice cream cone to enhance the taste of ice cream.

7. Potato Chips

In the year 1853, chef George Crum was a Baker in his time. And while running is a bakery, he used to get a lot of complaints of having no crispiness in the fries. So he tried to check the potatoes as thinly as possible and then test them in all and sprinkle some salt on it. He was not sure about the chips, but luckily people loved the new recipe by George Crum. And so we got favorite snacks.

8. Implantable Pacemaker

Wilson Greatbatch, in the year 1958, was trying to make a device that could record the heart rate of a person. But the mistake of adding faulty electronic components made him invent the machine that recreates the heartbeats. And from the time, many heart patients have lived their lives with the hope of successfully implantable pacemakers.

9. Super Glue

Harry Coover, the Researcher. He was working on transparent plastic for the gun when he incidentally created an adhesive substance that was sticky and used to talk to anything. After some time working on another of his projects, he experimented with the same substance and found that this particular substance is sticks anything. And so we got Super Glue.

10. Coco-Cola

In the year 1892, a Pharmacist, John Pemberton, was suffering from a headache. So I just thought of making a syrup, which can give him an adequate relief. And to make the syrup, he used Coca leaves and Cola nuts. He felt better with it, and so he thought to sell the syrup in the market. While selling the syrup, the syrup for supposed to be mixed with water, but incidentally, a seller mixed it with a soda. And thus we got such an energetic and meal completing drink.

These were 10 innovations that happened incidentally, but today you cannot imagine the world without them.

I hope it was fun and meaningful reading for you.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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