10 Bollywood Actors who Rejected the Hollywood Movies

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Hey Reader! Movies have a high impact on our life. Rather then just entertainment, it is an integral part of our life.

Working in Bollywood is just a dream for many of us. And when it comes to Hollywood, even celebrities wish to work in Hollywood movies. But what if I say that many Bollywood actors have rejected Hollywood movies.


But that’s the fact!

We have a list of 10 Bollywood Actors who have rejected Hollywood Movies.

1. Naseeruddin Shah

Naseeruddin Shah is one of the hardworking and famous name in the Bollywood even today. His acting is so realistic that people love to see him on screen. After watching his acting skills, Naseeruddin was offered one of the finest role in Hollywood, which was of Dumbledore in Harry Potter. It would be an honor to see him in such an iconic movie. But due to some reasons, Naseeruddin Shah rejected the role.

2. Irrfan Khan

Irrfan Khan is an actor who is unforgettable for us. The acting skills of Irrfan Khan have inspired youth. He is a role model of many actors, as well as strugglers. Irrfan Khan got a chance to work for the Hollywood movie Interstellar. He offered the role of Matt Damon, and the director of the film was Christopher Nolan. The role asked him to take a flight to the US and shoot for 4 months. But at the same time, he was shooting for the movie “The Lunch Box.” And therefore, he had to say no to the film of Christopher Nolan. It was a difficult decision for Irfan Khan.

3. Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is already known for the Bollywood and Hollywood face because of his acting skill and its charm look. He selected for the Pink Panther 2 for the role Vincente. But because Hrithik was busy in his ongoing schedule. He had to reject the offer of the Hollywood Movie.

4. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone, the Mastani of the Bollywood. She never stops surprising her audience with her unbelievable acting skills. Seeing her on-screen with a new role is always and awaiting task. No wonder that she would get an offer from Hollywood. She was offered the role in “Fast and Furious 7”. But due to to the ongoing shooting of Happy New year. She could not shoot for the “Fast and Furious 7” movie and does she had to reject the offer.

5. Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai is one of the most beautiful and iconic actresses. Seeing her in any role just makes the role perfect. Such a talent it was thought to be a face of Hollywood movie Troy with the opposite actor Brad Pitt. Just because of the intimate scenes in the film. She had to reject it.

6. Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar is the name that brings a different level of energy in us just after watching his incredible movies. He was also in the list of actors who got an offer from Hollywood movies. But he rejected it, only because he doesn’t want to step in Hollywood movies and want to focus on Bollywood.

7. Ronit Roy

Ronit Roy is now becoming a well-known face in Bollywood. He has won many hearts with his mostly negative roles, which really have a mind-blowing impact. He was one of the actors who got a chance to work in Hollywood Movie Zero Dark Thirty. Which is an Oscar Award Winning movie? But as because he was shooting for Students Of The Year. He had to say no to the role.

8. Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar is itself a name without any introduction required. Such an honorable actor who is still an inspiration today. He was offered for the Hollywood Movie “Lawrance of Arabia” as the role of David Lean. Rejecting such a movie was just that; he was shooting the unique film of his life, “Ganga.” The film, in which he had kept his heart.

9. Shri Devi

The Hawa Hawai girl of Bollywood sho is still in the heart of many lovers. She has given more than a hundred films in his career, which are superhit. Whether we talk about her acting skills or her dance or might just expressions, she won each and every heart. So how is it possible that she will have never offered to be a Hollywood actress as well. She got a chance to work in Jurassic Park. But since she felt that she doesn’t want to debut in Hollywood with a small part. She rejected the film.

10. Madhuri Dixit

Madhuri Dixit has an ordinary and different image in Bollywood. She is a woman with the beauty of looks and heart. Straight from her acting to her off-screen image, Madhuri Dixit has a significant impact on everyone’s heart. Even she got an offer from a Hollywood movie, which she rejected due to the small role in the film.

So, this was the 10 Bollywood celebrities who rejected Hollywood movies. I hope it was fun reading for you.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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