10 Best Suspense Thrill Web Series which are definitely worth Watching

by theduckbuck

Whether spending time in locals or before sleep, we need something to watch and make a safe busy in it. But that not should be something very creepy; it should be something entertaining, suspicious, thriller, mystery and enjoyable.

Alright, yes I’m talking about a Web series. That’s it is something which is the trendy choice today for everyone. Andaaz we love to make a self busy in watching web series and getting our brains .work rapidly to find the answers before the web series end.

And thus I have brought 10 Best Web Series which are full of suspense and thriller and worth watching.

1. Special Ops

The number one web series in India which is worth watching is the Special Ops. The story is about a RAW agent Himmat Singh, who has his eye on the enemies sitting in different countries. The storytelling of Special Ops can blow your mind away. It is about the incident of 2001 attack on parliament, in a story he along with his special team trying to find out the terrorist and in that flow, the story goes on.

Get the experience of Special Ops on Disney+ hotstar.

2. Kaafir

Kaafir is the next web series which should be watched once. Story of a lady Kainaaz Akhtar who accidentally cross the border of Pok and reach India. She is considered as a special agent of Pok and punished to be imprisoned for the rest of her life. But here the twist comes when one of the men who was a journalist helps Kainaaz to go against the system and prove her innocent.

At the end does he wins or loses, check it out on Zee5.

3. Abhay

Abhay is a web series based on the story of an officer who is physically investigator in the crime department, but mentally he is a criminal who loves to win. And because of this in every episode, you will see a new case which is handed over to Abhay to solve them.

How he uses his brain and solve the cases, check it on Zee5.

4. Kaali

Kaali is a must recommended and worth watching web series. A story of a mother and son. Where the son is on the last stage of Cancer and, his mother tries to arrange the lakhs of rupees to pay in the hospital to save the life of his child. And doing this, she steps into the world of crime where she comes across drugs and stuff. The story of Kaali can take you to the tour of Kolkata.

So don’t miss to watch Kaali on Zee 5

5. Bard of Blood

Bard of blood is a story of the special agents of India who were caught and facing a lot of challenges in other countries, where the agent name Kabir use his brain and try to get all the special agents out from the country to the border safely.

The story can definitely take you to the next level. So must watch it Netflix.

6. Apharan

Story of Senior Inspector Rudra Srivastava, who was a cop in Uttarakhand. Where in the greed of money, he kidnaps a girl. And the turning point of the story is that the one who asks Rudra to kidnap a girl in exchange for money, send her the bullets. And now it becomes a trouble for Rudra Srivastava to get out of this crime.

Ths series is available on Alt Balaji.

7. Ghoul

Cal is a story of an imprisoned man who is connected with another world, so kept alone in a special prison under the military investigation. The twist in the tale arises when the Ghoul, remove the curtains from the dark secrets of the investigators. And from here, the story starts with Ghoul, who has the hobby of killing humans.

The story can get your Goosebumps out so must watch it on Netflix.

8. Bhram

Bhram has a story of a girl who faces an accident after which she decides to go Shimla and stay. The twist of the story is the writer meets a girl in her life who is no more. In the story of 20 years back takes place where she tries to prove the girl guilty.

The story is quite a horror of seeing, so don’t miss the chance to seat on Zee5.

9. Type Writer

Typewriter is a horror story where a house of Goa is the horror and no 1 dare to stay in it even for a day. But one family takes courage and decides to stay in the house. The twist of the story is when the small kids choose to be a ghost hunter and meet the typewriter, which has the superpowers to do any evil thing.

It’s quite entertaining to watch at the starting and then you can decide. The web series is available on Netflix.

10. Hello Mini

Hello Mini is the web series which is about an independent girl who dreams of working in Mumbai and earn a lot of money for her and her family and imagining a beautiful life with her boyfriend. But the twist here comes that someone tries to stalk Mini everywhere she goes. The series is full of fun, mystery, suspense that can make you go entirely on a search for Stalker

So it’s quite entertaining to see hello mini for free on Mx Player.

So these were 10 best suspense thriller web series which I am sure that you are going to love it.

Thank You so much for reading so far.

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